How to enjoy a good night’s sleep outdoors

Sleeping peacefully while camping requires you to create your conditions. With a few camping tips, you can enjoy a good night's sleep outdoors.
1. Use a sleeping mat
Sleeping mat is the easiest way to improve your sleep quality in the mountains while camping.
Sleeping mat, waterproof mat-For sleeping mats, the bulky foam mat is low comfort, but durable, and suitable for sleeping in tough environments. Soft air cushion is comfortable, but reliability is reduced, suitable for a good environment in mountainous areas. The insulation principle of the waterproof mat is the same as that of our sleeping bags and warm clothes, which use a layer of barely moving air to make an insulating layer to keep out the cold outside. The effect of isolation varies according to how much air layer can be used with the material and the fluidity of the air layer.


2. Sleep warm
In addition to hard-shell gear such as sleeping bags and waterproof MATS, there are a few ways to reduce heat loss or add extra heat when camping.
1) Reduce air convection, close the tent can prevent cold air from entering, to better prevent heat loss.
2) Try to avoid cold wind. When choosing a camp, pay attention to the leeward position, not the valley bottom, where the cold air is concentrated, and try to avoid the ridge or col with strong wind.
3) Warm to moderate, some friends may be afraid of being frozen and too warm, so the body is too hot leading to sweating, sweat evaporation, and absorption of too much body heat, but make you colder. Similarly, if the ambient temperature is too low, in addition to the sleeping bag and bladder to keep warm, you can also wear a down jacket to sleep, in short, neither cold nor hot is just right.
4) Keep sleeping bags dry and wear dry clothes when sleeping to prevent heat loss caused by damp clothes and accidents; Keep your head warm and wear a floppy hat.
5) Going to the bathroom before bed. Climbing out of your sleeping bag to pee in the cold night can be challenging, but you won't sleep well if you hold in urine, and you'll burn more calories, so it's best to go ahead.
6) Having a hot drink or exercising before bed raises our body temperature and gives us more calories.


3. Pick a good spot
A lot of bad camping is the result of choosing the wrong place, rough ground, and sharp surface. Choosing the right place to camp is a guarantee of a good night's sleep.
Flat ground-A lot of people don't sleep well because they sleep on the slanted side. Sometimes the ups and downs of the ground are hard to see, and it's too late to make camp and fall asleep. The ground may look slow, but even a little bump can make you sensitive to sleep. The easy way to camp is to find a place that has already been inhabited. A camp that has been treated will be flatter, more comfortable, and more friendly to the environment.
Camping Environment-Be aware of your surroundings before setting up your tent, and consider setting up in the woods if high winds are predicted. In the hot season, the shading function can not be ignored. It is worth noting that if you choose to camp near the water, you should know the weather information in advance.

4. A comfortable sleeping environment
Tent taut-The tent is taut, the wind rope is taut, and the ground is pinned into the ground so that the tent is taut like an open umbrella, do this carefully before entering the tent, can avoid being woken by the wind at night.
Separate the inside and outside of the tent-If the inside and outside of the tent are too close together, the moisture you breathe at night will condense inside the tent and drip on your face and wake you up. Keep the separation of the inner and outer accounts, so that the condensed water is discharged along the outer accounts.
Bookkeeping-It's only when you're looking for something that you find it's a good habit to bookkeeping. A tent is like an outdoor home. If you set up your home well, you will feel much more comfortable sleeping.
Ventilate before bed-If the weather outside permits, it's a good idea to open the vents before bed. Opening vents allow more fresh air to enter and prevent condensation in the tent.

5. Be comfortable
A comfortable mood will help you sleep soundly.
Clean to Sleep- Scrubbing yourself down before bed and tucking into your sleeping bag cleanly can greatly improve your happiness. Bathing can help you sleep, but keep an eye on the temperature.
Good attitude-Not only do physical problems need to be solved in advance, but a happy-go-lucky attitude is also very important. If you do have the misfortune to be forced to camp in bad weather, instead of blaming each other, you can keep a good attitude and camp will become less bad.

Post time: Sep-02-2022