What do you think of plant growing bags?

Spring is coming. We can start planting vegetables and flowers. If we want to enjoy the fun of planting life without polluting our place, planting bags are a good choice. Planting bags have a variety of materials to choose from, as well as a variety of planting bags with different designs and uses. Compared with flowerpots, it is more flexible and easier to clean and store.

Plant Growing Bags 1

Most planting bags are made of non-woven fabrics or felt fabrics. Both non-woven fabrics and felt fabrics have certain air permeability, which can ensure that plants can breathe fully and will not affect the normal growth of plants. In addition, the planting bags have various shapes and capacities, and some are specially used for planting small plants. We can choose freely according to our own needs.

Plant Growing Bags 2

Planting bags are very practical and have many advantages:

Heat Preservation: although the planting bags have various shapes and colors, the time they touch the soil is generally black. This is because the black absorbs heat, and the planting bag absorbs heat during the day, so that the heat absorbed during the day can be released at night to maintain the soil temperature, effectively prevent the root from being frostbitten, and also reduce the impact of extreme weather on plants to a certain extent.

Maintain fertility: Although the planting bag has strong air permeability, it has a certain water retention capacity, so the fertility will not be easily lost with water. Therefore, compared with traditional planting, it can avoid the loss of fertility.

Avoid rooting: when the root system of plants grows excessively vigorously, their roots will coil into a large group at the bottom. Especially for plants with particularly developed roots, such as green apples and chlorophytum comosum, their roots will coil into a group at the bottom of the container, which is not conducive to the growth after transplanting. Planting flowers in beautiful plant bags can get rid of this problem. It can allow the roots of plants to spread around the beautiful plant bags, and when the roots grow at the edge of the beautiful plant bags, There will be small fibrous roots growing out of the bag, that is, there will be some small roots emerging from the edge of the Meizhi bag, but the taproot is still in the container.



Because the air permeability of the planting bag is relatively strong, the soil moisture is easier to evaporate, so we need to water frequently to maintain the soil moisture, which may be a little troublesome, but in a comprehensive consideration, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Post time: Feb-01-2023